Explore Croydon and Central London

Central London has plenty to offer visitors, but staying in the heart of the capital can be hectic, not to mention expensive. The Lansdowne Hotel, situated in Croydon, is only ten minutes away from London by train, which makes exploring the city much easier (and less stressful!).

However, that’s not to say there isn’t plenty to see and do in Croydon itself. Here’s a brief lowdown of the top attractions and events in the area.

The Top Attractions in Croydon

  1. The Museum of Croydon. The Museum of Croydon is located in Croydon’s famous clock tower, and is only a short walk away from the Lansdowne Hotel. It’s the first place to visit if you want to discover more about the history of the area, and there are plenty of fascinating displays – plus events and exhibitions running throughout the year. If you’re on holiday with kids, you’ll be pleased to know there’s also plenty of hands-on exhibits, and it’s free to enter.
  2. Croydon Airport Visitor Centre. Many years ago, Croydon airport was the largest in the UK – and this fascinating visitor centre explores the area’s links with aviation. One of the most famous artefacts is pilot Amy Johnson’s travel bag, which she supposedly had with her when her plane crashed into the Thames. It’s a definite must-see for anyone with a keen interest in aeroplanes.
  3. Wimbledon. One of the biggest tennis events on the global calendar, Croydon is the perfect place to stay if you’re lucky enough to get tickets to go to Wimbledon, which is only half an hour away. Wimbledon Museum provides fascinating insight into the history of the championships, and features over 20,000 tennis-related artefacts, including some fascinating player memorabilia.
  4. Shirley Windmill. A rural windmill isn’t the first thing you’d expect to find in London, but Croydon happens to have one of only four windmills open to the general public in the whole city. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the area when it’s open (the last Sunday of every month, during the warmer months), you can explore inside, and see how the windmill used to operate.
  5. Wandle Park. If you want somewhere to relax with the family, Wandle Park is the place to visit. It’s within walking distance of central Croydon, and has plenty of greenery, plus a park for the children. There’s also a café, which is the ideal spot to have a drink and watch the world go by.

10 Minutes to Central London

There are plenty of attractions in Croydon, not to mention a thriving shopping centre and plenty of restaurants, pubs and bars to enjoy in the evening. However, if you want to explore the centre of London, Croydon makes an ideal base. The Lansdowne Hotel is only five minutes’ walk from East Croydon Station, which takes you directly to Victoria Station in 10 minutes – and from there, you can catch the tube to any destination in the city.

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